What Accounting Reports are Presented to a Board?

Preparing the board reports for your first board meeting in Perth can be confronting. Whether you are a family business founder, CFO, Perth business accountant, or CEO, preparing the board reports in the first board meeting so they hit home and drives value for the family business can be challenging. The timing of the meetings […]

Have You Outgrown Xero? (10 Signs)

For most SMEs in Perth, Xero is the dominant cloud accounting package. Xero’s ease of use and functionality help Perth family business owners and their accountants gain control of their business and finances, making it a market leader. However, Xero is not everything to all business owners. As a Perth SME grows, it has more […]

Your Complete List of New Tax Changes for Residential Property Investors

Residential property investments are a significant part of every business family’s portfolio in Perth. The recent tax changes in this sector have profoundly impacted how tax accountants structure the taxes for these families and manage their investment portfolios. Understanding these changes is crucial for every residential property investor in Perth. Of course, many business families […]

GST and the Margin Scheme


Most property developers around Perth understand how the margin scheme can reduce the Goods and Services Tax liability when they sell a property.  But the question many tax accountants around Perth is: “Do I pay GST on the sale of my property, and can the GST margin scheme help me lower the GST cost?” This […]

How to Use a Bucket Company to Save on Tax

Bucket Company

Many small to medium-sized businesses across Perth have used bucket companies to save on tax with the help of their Perth tax accountant. However, the tax benefits and structuring of bucket companies require thought and planning, and they also have tax downsides that need thought and preparation. This blog will outline the tax saving strategies […]

Are SMSFs Better for Families in Business?

For the last few decades, many tax accountants around Perth have held the mantra that SMSFs are the “go-to” tax vehicle for family business owners. However, with a massive change in technology, taxation, legal and investment changes, the question remains—are SMSFs still worth it for family businesses in Perth, and where are SMSFs ever worth […]

How to Object to a RevenueWA Land Tax Assessment

Land Tax

Receiving your annual land tax assessment is never welcome. Even with effective land tax planning strategies, the cost of land tax is a significant burden on families in businesses with substantial land holdings. And even if you can pass on land tax to your tenants, your customers and tenants carry the cost, which is reflected […]

Tax Restructuring Away from a Trust

Tax Restructuring

Traditionally, many family businesses in Perth structured their business through a trust, as tax reasons made trust the “go-to” tax vehicle. However, as tax law has changed and the tax advice given by Perth tax accountants evolves, operating a business through a trust is becoming increasingly difficult. How a Trust is Not Great for Operating […]

Tax Strategies for Farmers and Pastoralists  

Tax Strategies for Farmers

Farming families control a significant asset and managing their tax liability is essential to maximizing the yield and value of the property.   To assist in identifying pertinent opportunities for discussion with your Perth tax consultant, we have compiled a list of tax regulations farmers should consider for tax planning this year.  Although some applicable tax […]

The Tax Impact on Unfair Dismissal Claims 

Dismissal Claims

Sadly, almost every family business in Perth has asked their tax accountant – how is the tax treatment of my unfair dismissal payment treated?  The tax treatment of legal fees paid on unfair dismissal  If your family business incurs legal fees defending an unfair dismissal claim, the legal fees paid are tax deductible.  The legal […]