Loan structures

Structured Loans

The use of loans and bank lending is a key business and investment tool for many families in business. The process of loan structuring is focussed on giving you’re the lowest cost, most tax effective, asset safe loan structure for your business and your family.

Westcourt are not finance brokers or mortgage originators. The action of sourcing a lender with terms and conditions that best fit your family requires detailed market knowledge of loans and current lending attitudes to particular instances.

And a poorly structured loan can create a poor tax outcome. The tax position will effectively follow the settlement and use of a loan. So, suppose we are considering a tax strategy with loan structures such as debt recycling, debt parking or multiple mortgage offset accounts. In that case, we can provide detailed written tax advice to your banks outlining the ideal loan structure and support that loan structuring.

And for families that internally finance transactions through private company loans, SMSF or stand-alone treasury companies, the tax profile of these loan structures requires detailed and written tax advice. This ensures that the loan structures’ tax position is tax compliant and generates a good business outcome.

And loan structures also extend beyond taxation. Different loan positions with securities, personal guarantees, loan expiry dates, terms, and offset accounts for debt parking need to be considered for a family’s overall loan and finance position.

Using a line of credit for businesses with a large revolving fixed asset register (like cartage contractors or a mining wet hire business) can significantly reduce the cost of finance and the accounting cost of attending to a new loan application for every asset purchase. And we are committed to higher level loan structuring advice than a simple reactive process.

For property development families, we understand that the clever use of asset structures, including unit trusts, with the smart loan structuring positions, can allow a higher income earner to effectively enjoy 100% of the tax deductions on a rental property. And our tax advice for structuring loans is documented, quoted upfront, and supported by tax law to give peace of mind that your loan structuring is optimised.

If you use finance as a business tool, you must obtain clear loan structuring advice to optimise your tax position. At Westcourt, it is a natural choice for that advice – our proven tax knowledge. Our focus on independent advice on one market sector and our deep global network through GGI mean that we are ideally suited for families in business using loans and loan structures to get ahead – so why not call us today.