Company secretarial

Company Secretarial Services

Every company in Australia has obligations under the Corporations Act. And as a registered ASIC agent, Westcourt is well placed to assist you in managing the compliance process of attending to your company secretarial obligations.  

Our services range from acting as your registered office to maintaining the director’s registers, share certificates, ASIC notifications and the plethora of obligations you have as a director. 

And suppose you are looking to create a company quickly and obtain Director’s Identification Numbers. We can do this (for urgent situations) in under a day and then proceed to the tax registrations for those newly created companies.  

We also understand that company secretarial matters are relatively mundane daily until they suddenly matter – like a marital divorce or a business sale – so providing a sound, cost-effective company secretarial solution to families in business is essential.  

At Westcourt, our company secretarial matters on a fully cloud-based electronic signing solution (except for limited instances where ASIC only accepts a wet signature), so managing multiple forms – like an address change – does not trigger a raft of penalties from ASIC. Our technology-laden company secretarial team offers 24/7 ASIC lodgement and management for all communications.   

If you require company secretaries to sit on your board to assist in the board secretariat and governance strategy, the Westcourt company secretarial and board advisory work also handles this role. And we understand that for some multi-generational businesses and larger professionally run family businesses, the family business might have external shareholders that need due care and consideration.  

Suppose your company secretarial service requires complex matters like bespoke constitutions or unique share classes. In that case, we collaborate with corporate law experts and a deep tax understanding of the impact of making the secretarial changes to the operations. And keeping the company secretarial team combined with your broader accounting and tax team allows a better service with asset protection advice and tax advice for an ongoing legacy style family in the business.  

For international businesses, some of which are leveraging our knowledge through GGI Global Network, we also act as a local agent or director service in addition to our company secretarial obligations. And this can extend to sourcing a local, cost-effective auditor to discharge the statutory Australian auditing obligations for some offshore companies. 

Given our deep knowledge in corporate law, ASIC expertise, ASIC specialists and the team of company secretarial experts – coupled with streamlined technology for company secretarial – our Westcourt company secretarial services are cost-effective, secure and sound decisions for a family in the business. Give us a call.