Mergers + Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions Perth

The transactional journey of buying or selling a business is a pivotal moment for family-owned enterprises. Poorly managed processes can overshadow an otherwise excellent deal, risking financial well-being. Our approach is different; we understand the moment’s significance and prioritize creating a positive, smooth experience.

Business transactions often involve multiple advisors with strong skill sets and personalities. Our philosophy is different. Instead of competing against advisors for the spotlight, we’re willing to take a collaborative stance. We focus on complementing the efforts of lead advisors. We understand the value of M&A experts specializing only in transactions and commercial negotiations.

Our core expertise lies in demystifying financial aspects, like proving cash flow projections, documenting governance structures, calculating working capital adjustments, and tax implications of contractual terms. Our assistance includes managing financial due diligence, identifying surplus cash, profit normalisations, capital gains tax, GST, and other potential tax benefits such as GST going concern exemptions, transfer duty, and R&D tax concessions.

Regarding acquisitions, we specialize in asset structuring to safeguard family wealth, examining options like superannuation funds, unit trusts, and international operations. We tailor our approach to align with your team and choice of advisors, promoting collaboration over unilateral decision-making.

For those families in a sale transaction, our knowledge of the small business capital gains tax concessions is the bedrock of our tax advisory practice. We have created great opportunities for families who previously thought the concessions could not apply to them.

Our portfolio spans diverse transactions, from facilitating due diligence for ASX top 25 buying commercial family businesses to smaller, straightforward deals. Our primary focus is helping people with a transaction in the $10m to $60m market space, and we have reached higher and lower than that transaction number. We have extensive experience in family succession planning, creating equitable and respectful transitions from generation to generation.

Why Choose Westcourt for Your M&A Needs?

  1. We possess extensive expertise in transacting with family-owned, privately held businesses.
  2. Our team is equipped with specialized knowledge of family business systems, processes, and family relationships.
  3. We bring in-depth tax knowledge for optimized client outcomes.
  4. We have access to the global insights of the GGI Global Alliance Network for international transactions.
  5. We champion independence, ensuring that our advisory complements, rather than overrules, your existing team.
  6. With a keen understanding of the uncertainties in business transactions, we offer flexible pricing options tailored to each family’s needs.
  7. In essence, we’re committed to a client-first approach, keeping your best interests at the forefront of all we do. Given our unique approach, we are well-placed to assist you with your transaction – so why not give us a call? We are happy to chat.