We understand family owned businesses

At Westcourt we are a focussed firm.  We only help families in business.  Every person has a single desire to help business families.

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We take pride in our service

As accredited Family Business Advisors by Family Business Australia we can honestly say that we have a depth of expertise and commitment to family business.

Technical excellence in taxation is a core driver of how we make family business, and business families, great.

Our partners are leaders in the tax profession.  As keynote tax speakers for both The Tax Institute locally, and for GGI globally, we can honestly demonstrate our commitment to taxation advice.  And as representatives on the Tax Institute National SME Tax Committee on State Council we sit at the leading edge of the profession in understanding the opportunities, and risks, available to families in business.

Our partners have been with us for 23 years and 20 years.

The value we deliver is over decades: not months.

We are around for decades.

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Our firm was created from a family owned business. We understand how families in business work, think and act. We carefully select all of our staff and believe our team is our greatest asset! With a range of outstanding expertise we can offer solutions to any situation.