When can a binding death benefit nomination be a bad idea?

Estate planning for business families is difficult.  There is a raft of legal terms like enduring powers of attorney, testamentary trusts and complex tax outcomes depending on the structures and the family dynamics.  If that complexity is not enough some business advisors in Perth are not independent and everybody has a different approach. What is […]

Let’s tell the truth – the paperless office is a myth

Sadly the accounting function in a family business is typically covered in a tonne of paper. Very few businesses in Perth become truly “paperless”.  There is marketing documents, business cards and “wet signatures” for important key contracts. However, with the right combination of cloud technology applications from accounting, taxation and customer relationship management you can […]

The financial aspects of a divorce

financial aspects of a divorce

A preliminary guide to common issues asked by couples who are separating. The act of leaving a spouse is always difficult.  And almost always the financial aspect of the separation is a key discussion point. We have detailed a few financial and tax related things to go over for couples who are intending, or who […]

Chart of Accounts – Building a stronger business by David Hewitt

Building a stronger business

Ask yourselves a question: would you drive a car blindfolded? I sincerely hope that you answered that question with a firm no. Now ask yourself another question: how is your business going today? If you cannot answer that question with complete confidence then you are driving a car blindfolded. We have all heard the stories […]

Heading internationally? Here are some tax tips for your family business

international family business

At some stage every family business will contemplate branching overseas – either online, export or inbound services. And at that point that family business will have to think about tax. And we are not talking about Australian tax that we all (supposedly) understand and we have a basic gut feeling about how it should work. […]