Have You Outgrown Xero? (10 Signs)

For most SMEs in Perth, Xero is the dominant cloud accounting package. Xero’s ease of use and functionality help Perth family business owners and their accountants gain control of their business and finances, making it a market leader. However, Xero is not everything to all business owners. As a Perth SME grows, it has more […]

How to Use a Bucket Company to Save on Tax

Many small to medium-sized businesses across Perth have used bucket companies to save on tax with the help of their Perth tax accountant. However, the tax benefits and structuring of bucket companies require thought and planning, and they also have tax downsides that need thought and preparation. This blog will outline the tax saving strategies […]

How to Object to a RevenueWA Land Tax Assessment

Land Tax

Receiving your annual land tax assessment is never welcome. Even with effective land tax planning strategies, the cost of land tax is a significant burden on families in businesses with substantial land holdings. And even if you can pass on land tax to your tenants, your customers and tenants carry the cost, which is reflected […]

Scope 3 Carbon Accounting Emissions for Perth SME’s  

Carbon Accounting Emissions

Many Small and Medium Sized Businesses are being requested to report on their Carbon Accounting Emissions for their group of companies.  What is Carbon Accounting for my Group?  Carbon accounting involves calculating and accounting for a business’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to assess its carbon footprint within defined emissions boundaries.  This process includes measuring emissions […]

How Fuel Tax Credits Can Boost Perth SME’s Cashflow 

Fuel Tax Credits

Managing cash flow is vital for the growth and sustainability of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  One often overlooked avenue to boost cash flow is claiming Fuel Tax Credits.  Specifically, for Perth-based businesses, this article sheds light on understanding Fuel Tax Credits and how they can (through the Australian Tax Office) help your cash flow.  […]

10 Debt Collection Tips Using Cloud Accounting Software 

Debt Collection

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and nowhere is this more understood than in Perth’s bustling commercial scene.  With the deep knowledge of Westcourt as a business tax accountant in Perth, you have an arsenal of cloud accounting software programs to manage debtors effectively.    An SME would not use every Xero cloud accounting […]

Starting a Testamentary Trust as a Deceased Estate Beneficiary: Is it a good idea?  

Testamentary Trust

Navigating the intricacies of estate planning and management can be daunting, especially when faced with the unfamiliar term “testamentary trust.” Understanding its role and benefits can be crucial for beneficiaries. This article will demystify what a testamentary trust is, its purpose, and when it may benefit beneficiaries to consider establishing one.  Significantly, just as there […]