Everything you Need on the 50% Capital Gains Tax Discount

When it comes to capital gains tax, the 50% CGT tax discount is a powerful tool. The knowledge that you can potentially enjoy half of your profits tax-free is common among Perth tax accountants and business families, but it’s also a key advantage that can significantly impact your financial decisions and how you go about […]

Tax Restructuring Away from a Trust

Tax Restructuring

Traditionally, many family businesses in Perth structured their business through a trust, as tax reasons made trust the “go-to” tax vehicle. However, as tax law has changed and the tax advice given by Perth tax accountants evolves, operating a business through a trust is becoming increasingly difficult. How a Trust is Not Great for Operating […]

Tax Strategies for Farmers and Pastoralists  

Tax Strategies for Farmers

Farming families control a significant asset and managing their tax liability is essential to maximizing the yield and value of the property.   To assist in identifying pertinent opportunities for discussion with your Perth tax consultant, we have compiled a list of tax regulations farmers should consider for tax planning this year.  Although some applicable tax […]

What is the Tax Effect of a Capital-Protected Loan?

Most families in business around Perth are aware of the tax benefits of negative gearing in real estate.  The tax law surrounding negatively geared share investments is almost the same and differs when looking at the tax effect of capital-protected loans.    When Perth family businesses talk to their tax accountants about the tax benefit of […]

What are Franking Credits and How Do they Work? 

Franking Credits

Franking credits are essentially refunds given to shareholders of Australian companies.  Since these companies have already paid taxes on their earnings, the concept is to prevent double taxation of the same profits for the shareholders.  Hence, investors receive a tax credit for these dividends at tax time.  Investors typically enjoy franking credits when their Perth […]