Ross Forrester : Hi everyone. I’m Ross.

Jordyn Holzberger : And I’m Jordyn.

Ross Forrester : Today we’re going to be talking about the ability to sell your home tax-free. If you’re an Australian, your family home is often your largest asset. And the ability to sell back home tax-free is an important part of your overall financial strategy.

Jordyn Holzberger : If you decide to rent your family home, the tax price will be the market value at the time under Division 11A. You need to get evidence of this at the time of you start renting.

Ross Forrester : If you’re a mobile family and you’re moving around, just getting that evidence of what the market value was when you move around the family home, because we’ve got a lot of global families moving around. And that evidence of the tax purchase price of that now rental property can actually become an important part of your estate plan. All right. Thanks guys. Bye.

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