How to automate a sales quotation and win business

Automate sales quotation

The practice of issuing a quote to your customers is an important part of running a small to medium sized business and should be part of your overall business plan.  The quote will give your customers an indication of price, service expectations and turnaround times. Around Perth the practice of requesting a quote is now […]

10 Steps to consider before hiring staff internationally

The decision for a family business to employ staff in another country is a common first step to setting up a presence in another country.  So, before you start to officially employ staff you should consider the following steps. 1. What Entity is Going to Employ the Person Many countries require that a contract of […]

Getting an understanding of personal services income

Tax law has a fundamental premise that the income of a person belongs to that person regardless of how they structure their affairs.  And for many smaller operators like IT, legal and medical professionals this concept of bringing the income home to the relevant professional is expressed in the concept “alienation of personal services income”. […]

What is Furtli Advisor and how can it help families in business

Furtli advisor is the best of breed business accounting and financial analytic software.  It can help West Australian business families with profit, cashflow and balance sheet forecasting, scenario modelling and reporting that is tailored to your business.  And with the plug-in options like Xero for accounting data, the use of Futrli as a business reporting […]

How to Maximise Your Deductions

A very common question that we get from a lot of clients, is what can we claim and how do we claim it and how does it work?

Tax Concessions for Tech Start-ups

The government has introduced grants, concessions, and programs that encourage Australians to invest and create business through tech.

Obligations of a Company Director

If we’re looking at fringe benefits tax, where we try and talk about it existing with other taxes is this concept of a reportable fringe benefit

Claiming deductions on home office costs

To claim the tax deduction in the home office, you need to maintain a full week office diary, which helps us apportionate, what costs are your private costs and what is your business related costs.