Family Owned Business

main residence exemption

Main residence exemption

The really important thing that’s happening now, is that if you’re a foreign tax resident of Australia, the main residence exemption on the side of your house is being taken away.

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FBT and other taxes

If we’re looking at fringe benefits tax, where we try and talk about it existing with other taxes is this concept of a reportable fringe benefit

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Getting tax deductions on travel expenses

One of the biggest concepts in tax law is that you’ve got to have receipts to prove your expenses that you incur. When you’re traveling, that’s really hard because you’re getting out of the taxi, you need a receipt, you’re buying some food at the bar, some chips for dinner.

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Claiming Tax on Staff Christmas Gifts

Coming up to Christmas and a lot of people want to give their staff and their team a little reward as a thank you for doing a good job and if you give your staff a bonus as a cash bonus, they’re going to pay tax on it, which is not such a great idea.

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