Scope 3 Carbon Accounting Emissions for Perth SME’s  

Carbon Accounting Emissions

Many Small and Medium Sized Businesses are being requested to report on their Carbon Accounting Emissions for their group of companies.  What is Carbon Accounting for my Group?  Carbon accounting involves calculating and accounting for a business’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to assess its carbon footprint within defined emissions boundaries.  This process includes measuring emissions […]

Navigating GST with Offshore Purchases and Sales 

GST Services

Navigating the ever-changing terrain of the Australian tax landscape is daunting, but when it comes to GST or Goods and Services Tax, your expert tax consultants in Perth can make it a breeze.  The GST is a significant facet of the Australian taxation system, impacting both domestic and offshore transactions.  This blog aims to highlight […]

An employer’s guide to “stapled super”

An employer’s guide

The introduction of “stapled super” has been effective from 1 November 2021.  And many employers around the country – from Perth to Melbourne – are not yet fully across their new obligations. What is stapled super? The government has now introduced “Stapled super” which is an attempt to stop employee’s holding multiple superannuation funds with […]

Busting 7 crypto tax myths

7 crypto tax myths

With the explosion of interest in Crypto currencies; a lot of tax myths have been popping up around Perth about how crypto currencies are taxed.  So we will go through a few of them to get the tax facts straight. Buying crypto is a hobby The extension of this concept is that if crypto currency […]

13 bookkeeping mistakes in Xero

13 bookkeeping mistakes

As family business accountants we absolutely love Xero.  The ability to automate low value tasks in bookkeeping and create clean data is a godsend to family business owners around Perth. Sadly Xero still requires a smart person to run it.  And we have seen a raft of bookkeeping errors within our client base.  So we […]

10 Tips for entrepreneurs starting a business

10 Tips for entrepreneurs

When you start a business the initial phase is incredibly exciting. Sadly this excitement can quickly disappear into terror as the reality, loneliness and monotony of running a business really kicks in. As a business that started from nothing we understand how hard it can be – because we have done it as well.  These […]

Structuring your affairs for stock market investing

Stock market investing

The stock market is a significant investment source for many business-orientated families.  While the family business could have been a creator of wealth the stock market is seen by many as a great long-term store of wealth. While the decision to invest in the stock market – be it through an online platform, a stockbroker […]

Asset valuation guide for SMSFs

Asset valuation guide

Many families in business use the unique tax benefits of SMSFs.  And this guide is to help SMSF trustees understand their obligations to getting a valuation. Getting a valuation If you are running a SMSF you have obligations as a trustee to do a range of tasks.  And while we effectively manage a lot of […]

The Tax Benefits of Superannuation Splitting

Tax Benefits

The unique Australian tax advantages of superannuation are well known.  And a key component of the tax benefits is dependent on the age of the person retiring and the amount of money a person retires on. This focus on the single member of a superannuation fund directly compares to how a family in business will […]