What are Franking Credits and How Do they Work? 

Franking Credits

Franking credits are essentially refunds given to shareholders of Australian companies.  Since these companies have already paid taxes on their earnings, the concept is to prevent double taxation of the same profits for the shareholders.  Hence, investors receive a tax credit for these dividends at tax time.  Investors typically enjoy franking credits when their Perth […]

Tax Effectively Giving to Your Children at Christmas

Tax effectively giving to your children

With Christmas just around the corner, many families in business are talking to their Perth tax accountants about how to give money to their children tax effectively. Is it a gift or a loan? When parents decide to transfer money to their children, it’s crucial to determine if the transfer is a gift or a […]

Land Tax Planning in Perth:  Useful Tips and Tricks 

Land tax is a critical yet frequently overlooked consideration for tax advisors in Perth. While most families prioritize these ‘big-ticket’ taxes when organizing their investments, the land tax remains a significant factor, especially as a family’s property portfolio expands.  What is Land Tax in Perth?  Land tax is an annual levy imposed on Perth and […]