GST and the Margin Scheme


Most property developers around Perth understand how the margin scheme can reduce the Goods and Services Tax liability when they sell a property.  But the question many tax accountants around Perth is: “Do I pay GST on the sale of my property, and can the GST margin scheme help me lower the GST cost?” This […]

Are SMSFs Better for Families in Business?

For the last few decades, many tax accountants around Perth have held the mantra that SMSFs are the “go-to” tax vehicle for family business owners. However, with a massive change in technology, taxation, legal and investment changes, the question remains—are SMSFs still worth it for family businesses in Perth, and where are SMSFs ever worth […]

How to Object to a RevenueWA Land Tax Assessment

Land Tax

Receiving your annual land tax assessment is never welcome. Even with effective land tax planning strategies, the cost of land tax is a significant burden on families in businesses with substantial land holdings. And even if you can pass on land tax to your tenants, your customers and tenants carry the cost, which is reflected […]

Understanding Tax Due Diligence: A Detailed Step Plan 

Tax Due Diligence

Buying a small to medium-sized business in Perth is a considerable undertaking that can propel your business toward new avenues of growth and diversification. But the process has its share of challenges and risks. The vital safeguard against these perils is the comprehensive practice of tax due diligence facilitated by your Perth tax accountant. This […]