Everything you Need on the 50% Capital Gains Tax Discount

When it comes to capital gains tax, the 50% CGT tax discount is a powerful tool. The knowledge that you can potentially enjoy half of your profits tax-free is common among Perth tax accountants and business families, but it’s also a key advantage that can significantly impact your financial decisions and how you go about […]

New! Super Tax Changes Coming 1 July

As we approach the new financial year, exciting tax changes are on the horizon, offering Australians an opportunity to optimize their superannuation funds—whether they’re SMSF managed by a Perth tax advisor or APRA funds. Effective 1 July, the enhanced concessional super contribution tax limits will potentially help people increase their retirement and reduce their overall […]

Are SMSFs Better for Families in Business?

For the last few decades, many tax accountants around Perth have held the mantra that SMSFs are the “go-to” tax vehicle for family business owners. However, with a massive change in technology, taxation, legal and investment changes, the question remains—are SMSFs still worth it for family businesses in Perth, and where are SMSFs ever worth […]

What is the Tax Effect of a Capital-Protected Loan?

Capital Protected Loan

Most families in business around Perth are aware of the tax benefits of negative gearing in real estate.  The tax law surrounding negatively geared share investments is almost the same and differs when looking at the tax effect of capital-protected loans.    When Perth family businesses talk to their tax accountants about the tax benefit of […]

Navigating 50/50 Unit Trusts with SMSFs 

Unit Trusts

The landscape of Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) is continually evolving, and a growing trend involves investments in 50/50 unit trusts (or, more technically, an unrelated unit trust).  In this structure, an SMSF holds a 50% interest in a unit trust, with another unrelated person holding the remaining 50%. The other unrelated party can be another […]