Integrating BAS Preparation Services and Your Tax Return Preparation Together: Achieving ATO Compliance and Streamlining Tax Processes for Perth Family Businesses 

Running a family business in Perth brings a sense of fulfillment and pride but also comes with a unique set of challenges, especially in the realm of tax, accounting and financial management.  Ensuring tax compliance with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), typically with the support of a Perth tax accountant, is a critical aspect of maintaining a smoothly operating business, and it helps you steer clear of tax penalties and fines that could jeopardize your company’s future. In this comprehensive blog post, we delve into the importance of ATO compliance foato r Perth family businesses, the benefits of using BAS services to meet these obligations, and how to integrate them into your tax return for a seamless experience. 

The Significance of ATO Compliance for Perth Family Businesses 

As a family business owner in Perth, you are accountable for fulfilling various tax obligations as stipulated by the ATO. These requirements encompass the accurate and punctual lodgment of Business Activity Statements (BAS), payment of Goods and Services Tax (GST), Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholdings, and other tax liabilities through your cloud accounting software. By adhering to ATO compliance, your business operates within the legal framework and contributes its fair share to the Australian economy. 

Failure to meet these obligations can result in substantial penalties and fines, as well as increased scrutiny from the ATO. In extreme cases, non-compliance may even lead to the revocation of your business license or criminal charges. 

The Pivotal Role of BAS Services in ATO Compliance 

Business Activity Statements (BAS) form a crucial component of ATO compliance for family businesses in Perth. They serve to report your business’s financial activities, including GST, PAYG withholdings, and other tax liabilities. Engaging a reputable Perth tax accountant for BAS services can help ensure that your statements are accurate and submitted on time, thus safeguarding your business from potential penalties. 

Some of the benefits of using BAS services by a registered Perth tax accountant include: 

a. Enhanced Accuracy 

A professional Perth tax accountant can help you avoid errors in your BAS submissions, which can lead to penalties, fines, or increased scrutiny from the ATO. By engaging a BAS service, you can ensure that your statements are accurate, complete, and free of any discrepancies. 

b. Timely Lodgment 

Missing BAS lodgment deadlines can result in significant fines and penalties, as well as a tarnished reputation with the ATO. A Perth tax accountant who provides BAS services will ensure that your statements are submitted on time, helping you avoid any potential issues. 

c. Expert Advice 

An experienced Perth tax accountant can provide valuable advice on tax minimization strategies, as well as guidance on how to stay compliant with ATO regulations. This can be especially helpful for family businesses in Perth that may not have the resources or expertise to navigate the complex tax landscape on their own. 

d. Streamlining Business Processes 

Engaging a tax accountant for BAS services can lead to more efficient business processes. They can help you set up proper record-keeping systems, identify areas for improvement in your financial management, and keep you informed of any changes to tax legislation that may affect your business. 

Integrating BAS Services into Your Tax Return: A Seamless Experience 

The information reported in your Business Activity Statements plays a critical role in the preparation of your annual tax return. By engaging a Perth tax accountant for BAS services, you can streamline the tax return process and ensure that all relevant data is accurately reported. 

Some ways in which BAS services can be integrated into your tax return include: 

a. Consolidating Financial Records 

A tax accountant who provides BAS services will be familiar with your financial records, making it easier to consolidate the necessary information for your annual tax return. This can save you time and effort, and it ensures that your return is based on accurate and up-to-date information. 

b. Identifying Tax Deductions 

The data reported in your BAS can help a tax accountant identify potential tax deductions for your family business. These deductions can reduce your overall tax liability and potentially lead to significant savings on your tax bill. 

c. Streamlining the Tax Return Process 

When a Perth tax accountant who provides BAS services also prepares your tax return, you can benefit from a streamlined process with minimal back and forth. Since they are already familiar with your financial records and have been tracking your business’s activities throughout the year, they can efficiently compile the necessary information for your tax return, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. 

d. Ensuring Compliance with ATO Regulations 

A tax accountant who is well-versed in ATO regulations and has been managing your BAS throughout the year will be better equipped to ensure your tax return is compliant with all relevant rules and regulations. This can help you avoid any potential issues with the ATO, including fines, penalties, or audits. 

e. Providing Ongoing Support 

A tax accountant who offers BAS services and handles your tax return can also provide ongoing support throughout the year. They can answer any questions you may have, help you address any issues that arise, and ensure that you are always in compliance with ATO requirements. 

f. Going beyond income tax 

Tax compliance is only one of the areas that a Perth family business needs advice from their business accountant.  Other obligations include payroll tax management, superannuation guarantee levy management or workers compensation review.  Using a fully qualified tax accountant to assist in your BAS preparation will ensure a close relationship that will uncover these extra items of consideration. 

Choosing the Right Perth Tax Accountant for Your Family Business 

When it comes to selecting a Perth tax accountant for your family business, there are several factors to consider. Some key points to keep in mind include: 

a. Experience and Qualifications 

Choose a tax accountant who has relevant experience and qualifications in providing BAS services and managing tax compliance for family businesses.  An example could be reviewing the number of keynote tax presentations that the tax accountant has made recently.  A professional with a strong track record in these areas will be better equipped to help you navigate the complexities of the Australian tax system. 

b. Understanding of Your Industry 

Your tax accountant should have a good understanding of the industry in which your family business operates. This knowledge will allow them to provide tailored advice and strategies to help you minimize your tax liability and stay compliant with ATO regulations. 

c. Communication and Responsiveness 

A tax accountant who communicates effectively and is responsive to your needs is essential for a successful working relationship. They should be able to explain complex tax concepts in simple terms, answer your questions promptly, and be available for consultations when needed. 

d. Comprehensive Services 

Ideally, your Perth tax accountant should provide a comprehensive range of services, including BAS preparation and lodgment, tax return preparation, tax planning and advice, and assistance with ATO audits or disputes. This ensures that all your tax needs are met under one roof, providing a seamless and efficient experience. 

e. Transparent Pricing 

Choose a tax accountant who offers transparent pricing for their services.  Upfront clear pricing is a hallmark of professionalism.  This ensures that you know what you are paying for and can budget accordingly. Be wary of firms that charge excessively low fees, as this may be an indication of inferior service or hidden costs. 

f. International network 

With the growing presence of international trade, offshoring investing and foreign income having a Perth tax accountant with an international network is critical to ensuring tax compliance at home and making sure the ATO is happy with the management of the offshore income.  


ATO compliance is crucial for the success and stability of your Perth family business, and engaging a professional taxaccountant for BAS services can greatly assist in achieving this goal. By integrating BAS services into your tax return process, you can benefit from accurate financial reporting, timely tax lodgment, expert advice, and a streamlined tax experience. To ensure the best results, it is essential to choose a Perth tax accountant who has the necessary experience, qualifications, and understanding of your industry. This investment in professional tax services can ultimately lead to improved financial management, minimized tax liabilities, and a more successful and sustainable family business in Perth. 

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