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Business Tax Advice

How will we make your family business great? With in-depth, expert tax advice.

Tax Advice

Taxation and tax planning can be a significant burden on family-owned businesses. It is different to an ASX listed company where tax is just a line item. A Westcourt tax consultant understands that every dollar saved in tax is an extra dollar you can put towards a legacy for your family, your staff, your community and yourself.

Our role on The National SME Technical Liaison Committee for The Tax Institute, plus our keynote speaking roles for The Tax Insitute demonstrates our technical expertise at tax advisory.  And we understand that tax risk management, and staying within the law, is just as important as reducing the burden of taxation.

We offer a range of forward-thinking, prudent, tax strategies and planning services including:

    • Tax strategy advice
    • Wealth creation through tax positioning
    • Dispute resolution with the ATO
    • Management of ATO comprehensive risk reviews
    • Specialist property taxation advice
    • Considered tax return preparation with a view to being prepared for subsequent tax audit
    • Payroll tax assistance
    • Fringe benefits tax advice
    • Simplifying messy structures
    • Instructing counsel
    • Goods and services tax advice, including the margin scheme and grouping
    • Tax consolidations
    • Capital gains tax advice
    • International taxation and acting for non-resident parent companies
    • Employee incentive plans
    • Tax advisory for matrimonial matters including acting as an expert witness
    • Maintaining tax exemption on assets including maintaining corporate beneficiaries
    • Superannuation pension strategies
    • Review of tax advice for financial planners to maintain licensing for AFSL holders.

Call us today and see how Westcourt tax accountants can help with your tax strategy!



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