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Independent succession advice for your family business and family wealth

How will we make your family business great? Through considered insight into succession strategy looking at all aspects – including superannuation tax strategy and family business transfer

Superannuation and Succession

You cannot talk about creating a legacy or succession planning in family businesses without talking about superannuation.  We use superannuation funds, including SMSF, as a tool to leverage your families wealth creation and business succession.

And in a world where almost everybody has ideas on where you should invest: we understand how important it is to deal with somebody who is independent and impartial.  That is why we will never approach you with investments where we are paid a success fee or a fee as a percentage (or any conflicted remuneration).  And when we help you with SMSF administration we never restrict your choice of investment, broker, bank or strategy.

So our SMSF is only focussed on you.  It is not a platform to guide you into an investment where we get paid more (or our subsidiary/associate/allied companies are paid more).

Our highly qualified team can provide advice on all aspects of SMSF management, including:

  • Pension strategies
  • Contribution thresholds to avoid excess taxes
  • Instalment warrants/borrowing strategies
  • Multiple pension strategies for death benefits tax management
  • Statutory reporting to retain tax concessions
  • Balance cap reporting
  • Review of SMSF deeds
  • Estate planning and death benefit strategies
  • Asset protection within superannuation funds
  • Helping transfer control to the next generation
  • Identifying SMSF succession documentation and briefing legal counsel on strategies
  • Life interests in the assets
  • Contribution cycling

We always make sure that we consider these strategies in the context of a cost-benefit position for our client, as well as a risk position, so you can be assured that your assets are in safe hands.  Our advice on superannuation and estate planning is a critical part in running a business and creating a legacy for your family. We have superannuation and estate planning professionals on specialist hand who intimately understand how superannuation funds work within a family business environment.

Starting a new self-managed super fund

The decision to start a new SMSF is complex and surrounded with legal compliance.  So we have lawyers and financial planners who can help review your decision taking into account the possible impact of cancelling your life insurance, alternate investment options, and the estate planning impact on your will.

Once you have received advice from these professionals, or if you have done research and you know what you want, we can attend to all of the regulatory compliance needed to get you where you want to go.  All you then need to do is to choose a bank for your trading account and start deciding on your investment strategy.

Importantly you are at the centre and you will take control.

Independent advice

Westcourt is independent and does not promote any particular investment product. Our fees are not success-based or calculated on a commission-like basis (as a percentage).

We hold an Australian Financial Services License that allows us to give strategic financial advice without the element of investment promotion.  We passionately believe that an advisor should be independent, unbiased and impartial. In today’s world of wealth creation, splitting the advice role from the investment promotion role is the cornerstone of generating trust.

For some high net wealth families a designated family member is often a qualified investment advisor or a full time employee does this investment choice role.  We respect that.  And we have a number of relationships with well-respected stockbrokers, real estate agents, property developers, financial planners and finance brokers.  However you, as a client, can choose your investments and the investment products you want – you are not restricted or limited in your choice.  And if you want to manage yourself – that is fine as well.

And for all of these advisors – we promise that we will never become a “one-stop-shop” and try to poach your clients by taking over the investment role.  We will even put it in writing.  We respect what you do and we appreciate it.

We also appoint external SMSF auditors to ensure independence. We can source a fast, efficient auditor or we can work with any auditor of your choice.

To find out what Westcourt smsf specialists can do for the Superannuation strategy of your family-owned business, get in touch today.


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