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Commercial business families look beyond our shores for growth. A great advisor must do the same.

How will we make your family business great? With 25,000 advisors in more than 116 countries.

International Accounting

In today’s economy, many family-owned businesses are looking further afield from Perth to generate business and make profits. As an advisor, an understanding of international and Australian accounting standards, local laws, practices and knowledge in other countries is a must to generate real value for our clients.

We need to have access to entrepreneurial and committed advisors in each state and each country who share a similar ethic and background to us. Our affiliation with Geneva Group International (GGI), a worldwide alliance of lawyers, accountants and consultants, gives us access to specialist solutions for international businesses in any given country.

As the Perth representative of GGI, we can quickly find answers from 25 000 advisors within 700 offices in more than 116 countries.

And as our tax director, Ross Forrester, is also the Vice-Chair of The GGI International Tax Practitioners Group we have high-level strategy insight into what is affecting our region.

Our international clients are assisted by services on:

  • Reporting for disclosing entities
  • BAS preparation and quarterly reporting to parent entities
  • Briefing offshore accountants on Australian obligations
  • Tax equalisation of inpatriate staff
  • GST obligations on cross-border charges
  • Dividend withholding taxes and interest withholding taxes
  • Discussion of Australian corporate reporting obligations and audit needs
  • Assistance with applications for audit exemption
  • Acting as the Australian representative for international groups
  • Applications for substituted accounting periods
  • Determination of Australian residency for complex situations
  • Transfer pricing review and methodology

Become a part of the global network that has helped many businesses succeed over the years – contact Westcourt international tax consultants today and find out what we can do for you!

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