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Westcourt only focuses on family owned business. That translates into great advice for our clients.


We were born from a family business. We know how families in business think, work and act. We look at emerging issues only with a view to how a family business can exploit them.

The family business focus in our practice is our only focus – from first gen start-ups to a 5-gen business.

And as accredited Family Business Advisors by Family Business Australia we can honestly say that we have a depth of expertise and commitment to family business.

We do not want to impress you by doing more services to more people in more industries.

We do fewer things to fewer people in one industry.

We keep our focus small and targeted. And that makes us great.

Technical excellence in taxation is a core driver of how we make family business, and business families, great.

As representatives on the Tax Institute National SME Tax Committee we can showcase our technical capacity. Our further representation on the Geneva Group International Tax Practice Group (South East Asia) is also another example where we can demonstrate our depth of knowledge in international tax advisory. And we have partnered with ASX Top 25 companies to present technical tax material to their team.

The combination of our technical excellence in taxation law advisory together with a sole focus on business families allows us to present opportunities that are simply not contemplated by our counterparts.

Our partners have been with us for 20 years and 18 years. There is not a revolving door of partners chopping and changing every few years.

The value we deliver is over decades: not months.

We are around for decades.

Cloud technology is getting rid of the drudgery from bookkeeping and accounting. And we have leapt into it feet first.

As a Xero Gold partner, five QBO Certified Advisors and a Foundation Futrli Partner, we are one of the most capable and diverse firms with cloud technology.

And importantly we are not “all in” on one platform. Some firms have gone all in onto one platform only. And that is rubbish to us. We are deeply skilled at a range of cloud technology so we can mix and match the best solution for each

Have you noticed how most accountants these days brand themselves as something else? “Mentors”, “Business Crusaders”, “Ninja’s”, “Consultants” or “Corporate Wealth Advisors”.

We are accountants. We openly state we are accountants.

Why? Because we are proud to be an accountant. We believe in the detail. We believe that professionally cynical is the correct way to approach a problem. We believe that you should listen first and then talk. And we believe that if you ignore the small stuff then big things will fall apart.

So we get forms in on time, we answer the phone and we keep our promises.

The basics matter.

We are committed to providing affordable advice so families can access our services. We cannot help if somebody if they are too scared to call us.

Our weekly tax seminars are but one example of this focus in action. They are priced at $34 simply to encourage families in business to engage with us.

If somebody attended every seminar for a year the total cost would be $1,700 including GST. And that would give the same person 72 hours of personal contact. I challenge anybody to find post-graduate, experienced tax professionals giving face to face advice for $23.60, including GST, per hour.

And the $23.60 is tax deductible.

And yes - we price things in advance with fixed fees (like everybody does) and yes we give clarity on what is included in the price. And we give families options on pricing.

We are not selling home loans, off the plan apartments, managed funds, property syndicates or life insurance.

We give advice. Not a fancy sales pitch, dressed up as “advice” to snaffle your investment dollars.

And we are licensed by ASIC to give strategic financial advice – not financial product purchasing advice. And yes, we work collaboratively with a range of insurance brokers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial planners and property buyers agents for great product and investment advice.

An innovative advice business delivers great advice.

So yes, we are Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisors and members of Family Business Australia. We add to that with an external accountant, two business coaches, a top 10 international alliance, and we are Xero Gold partners.

We are members of the Tax Institute Technical Liaison Committee, The SMSF Association, The Vice-Chair of the GGI Business Improvement Chapter, The Executive Connection, an advisor member of Smith-Think, The Vice-Chair of the GGI International Tax Practice Group and The Perth Business Network.

We run weekly professional development programs internally on leadership, family business consulting and tax strategy.

All of these external people and leadership lobby groups push us into new and uncomfortable areas.

Why? So we can stay ahead of the pack when we deliver advice.

Most of our competitors would say that we overcook our investment into innovation and training.

We think that we have only just started.

It should never be difficult to get in touch with your advisor. We make it simple for our clients to contact us; everybody has a direct line, so if you call us you will get us straight away.

It's easy to meet with us in person, too. Our offices are located just 200m from the Freeway exit; we are a 6 minute walk to the Perth Central train station, the Perth CBD is literally on the other side of the road and we have free open air client parking that is 24 steps from the foyer of our building.

We are also happy to travel to your office, factory, plant, farm or home at short notice.

We don’t sell stuff. You will not encounter life insurance sales, off the plan apartments, unlisted property trusts, managed investments, home loans or share broking at our firm. We are not auditors, liquidators, investment advisors, lawyers, stockbrokers, digital marketers, bookkeepers or insurance brokers. We are not a one stop shop. We are not a franchise. We are not a “full service firm” were every person walking in the door is important.

If everybody is important nobody is important. The only important clients to us are families in business that want to simplify, control, protect and transfer their business and personal wealth.



Relationships with our clients are more important than time sheets.

Relationships with our clients are more important than time sheets. We offer a number of alternative pricing arrangements, including straight time-based billing, to suit our clients' requirements.

We chat with you to determine what will work best for you, and then develop the most effective strategy and pricing arrangement according to your needs. We aim to provide you with certainty and eliminate hidden costs by scoping and pricing our work up front.

We can charge you a fixed price for any fixed project. We will quote you a price and stick to it - if there is a change in the agreed scope of work, we will send you a variation detailing the new scope and the price for that change.
We do not charge success fees, or fees as a percentage of an outcome. Our advice to you is objective and not conflicted.

With a monthly retainer agreement, we charge you a fixed periodic fee for an agreed scope. A retainer provides you with a level of control that hourly billing cannot provide. This means you know exactly what you will pay to get the result you want.
We regularly review the terms of the retainer with you to ensure it remains fair to both parties.

We can charge you a fixed price for each stage of a project. We work with you to properly scope what you are contemplating, determine the stages involved and then agree a fixed fee with you for each stage.
We do not charge success fees for event-based work. Providing conflict-free, independent advice is paramount to our practice.

We incorporate all disbursements into our price. You will not agree on a price and then see an additional cheeky line adding “postage and petties” or “photocopying” to the invoice.
Large one-off costs, like an express courier, legal fees or flight costs, will be charged separately, but we will discuss these costs with you in advance before any fees are incurred.
If you wish to pay by credit card we will charge the additional cost of the credit card.

A significant part of determining what is a fair price includes getting a clear understanding of our role in your business. Some people want our administration staff to retype numbers, so the scope is extraordinarily narrow. Other people will ask us to consider all possible government initiatives, strategies and legislation that might potentially be relevant to their position, so the scope is much more comprehensive.
The important part of the process is understanding your position, what is requested, and agreeing on a reasonable price for the services required. It is essential to us that you are happy with the process and the pricing.

As a guide, the directors find it difficult to assist people if our remuneration is below $2,000, as this restricts our ability to give our clients the time we feel is necessary to get the best results. We are always willing to make exceptions to any rule, and our managers are more than happy to look after up-and-coming people for a lower price point.

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