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Diversifying a mining services business

A client operated a successful mining services business. However during the downturn in the mining sector the family own...

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Wealthy family reduces death tax

A wealthy family, with all of their money in superannuation, felt that they were completely tax free and no longer had t...

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Property developer enjoys large tax savings

A one-off property developer undertook a large development in Mandurah and decided half-way through that they would stop...

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Multi site food retailer avoids GST audit and penalties

A retail business approached us as they were subject to a GST review. Their previous accountant had adopted the “simplif...

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Trucking company avoids disclosing accounts publicly

A client approached us concerned that they were going to become a large reporting entity and would have to lodge their a...

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Superannuation fund tax audit

A SMSF of ours was being approached by the Tax Office with a comprehensive risk review due to its high wealth. Our clien...

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Financial planner gives tax advice to a SMSF

A financial planner proposed a tax restructure of a SMSF and requested a fee as a percentage of the tax savings (50% of ...

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Employee incentive scheme for an agribusiness

A divisified agribusiness approached us wanting to transition part of the business to existing staff while retaining con...

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Tool manufacturer simplifies holding entities

A international tool manufacturer had a tax structure that was complex and created a significant problem for the owner a...

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