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Life Emergency Planning saves a headache

A client approached us with a significant investment portfolio.  The initial engagement was a simple preparation of a ta...

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Estate with no will – $70k saving

A person had recently died without a will. Their assets really only amounted to a superannuation fund with around $320,0...

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$30,000 tax incentive missed

A client invested into a technology company that is currently serviced by a Top 10 international firm. We approached the...

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Family enjoys a land tax saving in excess of $40k a year in perpetuity

A property development family approached us with their affairs.  As part of our comprehensive investigation program we i...

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Athlete saves over $7,000 in tax

A professional basketball player requested that we prepare their 2017 year tax return. As a part of our process, we revi...

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Employee share scheme reviewed

A client received a large amount of money from their employer. The employer (apparently) acted on tax advice from a larg...

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A key supplier goes into liquidation

A clients key supplier went into liquidation on Monday. The loss in the supplier stopped the operation of our client and...

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Family dispute nipped in the bud

A new family member chose to create a business and they sought, and gained, support from other family members. The total...

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Family SMSF saves $90k in death tax; converts to a donation

We did a SMSF review for a family. The SMSF had a tax liability of $125k to the family that would be triggered on death....

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